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Evan Panagopoulos

    Evan Panagopoulos

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I am an urban storyteller, an avid fan of brutalist and mid-century architecture, a knowledgeable WW2 and Victorian era enthusiast who likes to engage with abandoned spaces and obscure history. I have a knack for rediscovering forgotten and unseen spaces hiding in plain sight, and express my passion through writing and photography. My first travel experiences were purely visual: I'd spent hours going through my mother's collection of 3D Viewmaster discs of the great capitals of the world, dreaming about getting there. This fascination developed into an ardour for the discovery of unusual, fascinating places with a wow factor and less known stories. I have never hesitated to travel alone, and I always travel light. I am currently busy with the creation of alternative walks in London, showcasing the obscure and less known sights and stories of the British capital. I am also running longer international tours in Greece and Finland, featuring weird and wonderful locales, dark stories, abandoned sites, and fringe cities, where I weave fascinating, well researched social and historic narratives related through authentically local experiences. My articles have featured on Architectural and WW2 Wrecks, and I've recently began writing my first book based on my grandfather's war memoir from 1940-41